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Exciting Announcements from Booster Pharmacy: Anniversary Raffle Draw and Back-to-School Promotion!

In a burst of celebration, Booster Pharmacy unveiled its Anniversary Raffle Draw promotion in the beginning of July, and the anticipation is reaching its peak as the month of August draws to a close. With the winners soon to be selected from the raffle’s drop box, the buzz is growing across all corners of social media. Have you thrown your name into the ring yet? Brace yourselves for an array of gift bags and prizes that await lucky participants

Amidst this exhilarating raffle event, Booster Pharmacy has rolled out an equally tempting Back-to-School promotion, aiming to equip students with the gears they need for a healthy school year. With discounts soaring up to a whopping 50% on supplements and various products, parents and guardians can now secure the well-being of their young ones while keeping their wallets happy.

As the school bells ring in the new academic year this August, the focus on nurturing strong immune systems for the youth takes centre stage. Booster Pharmacy recognizes this paramount need and stands ready to cater to it. Whether you’re seeking supplements, vitamins, or other health-boosting essentials, the pharmacy’s Back-to-School promotion has you covered.

In a recent statement, Dr. Arezoo Motevali emphasized the crucial role of vitamins and supplements for children, particularly in the midst of their school days. Providing valuable insights, she offered guidance on effectively assessing children’s nutritional requirements, enabling parents to make informed choices about the appropriate selection of food supplements and vitamins to support their children’s health and well-being.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to enhance your child’s health and vitality while enjoying remarkable savings. Swing by Booster Pharmacy today and participate in both the Anniversary Raffle Draw and the Back-to-School promotion. It’s a double dose of excitement and value that you wouldn’t want to skip!