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MoU Signing of Booster Group and Enaya Health Insurance in Sudan


Booster Group and Enaya Health Insurance Company in Sudan both agreed and signed the MoU or Memorandum of Understanding in expansion of the operation and services in the field of Health and Medical.

In the said conference, it was discussed and accepted by both parties that Enaya Health Insurance Company will benefit from the network of “Booster Card”, one of the projects of Booster Group which provides great offers, discounts, and savings in health and medical sectors, hospitality and extended to other fields of industries in United Arab of Emirates. These benefits will be offered to the country’s visitors from the Republic of Sudan, with the same range of discounts of up to 70% for Enaya customers and tourists of Dubai, and other emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

Booster Group CEO in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates, Ms. Leslie, expresses her honor and prestige to be part of this expansion and collaboration between two parties from different countries which will provide outstanding services for all Booster Card Members and Enaya Customers.

It is a great pleasure that Booster Group of Companies is continuously working, developing, and enhancing to meet its mission and vision. A group of pharmacies and research centers dedicated to improving healthcare services is largely present in the United Arab of Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey; with its agreement, presence recognition will also be in the Republic of Sudan.

Booster Medical Group in social responsibility is looking forward to conducting and launching a health awareness campaign around the world with its initiative of “2023 Year of Health Awareness”. Also, partnership with different companies, media, content creators, schools, different organizations, and sectors and with 7e News to promote the said initiative in Arabic and English.

The 2023 Year of Heath Awareness also aims to build unity between all healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, researchers, specialists, entrepreneurs, and all individuals by conducting events, programs, videos, magazines, newspapers, ads, posters, and flyers about health awareness.


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