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In the United Arab of Emirates (UAE), lung cancer was the third leading cause of deaths due to cancer in 2017. Around n80% of the patients in UAE are diagnosed at a late stage, rendering the treatment less effective in improving survival outcomes. Lack of awareness of disease symptomatology, deficient screening initiatives, misdiagnosis, and delayed referral to the specialist are contributing factors for delayed diagnosis.
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Booster Group of Companies collaborates with Rochester Institute of Technology of Dubai to conduct a Lung Cancer and Smoking Seminar for the students with speaker, Dr. Arezoo Montevali, General Manager of Booster Pharmacies. The one-hour seminar was started with the registration and distribution of Booster giveaways to the attendees. Seminar was started at 12:00 in the afternoon and eneded by 1:00 pm with video presentation, question and answer portion, and pictorial with attendees, professors and event organizers.
This kind of health awareness seminar is a big help for every individual to see the importance of health and its issues.
Remember that prevention is better than cure. Small action will help to save someone’s life.
Join and be one of us as we are launching the “year of health awareness” this 2023.
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